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Having been active in the construction sector since 1996, Hanedar Construction has realized many successful investments and projects in residential, office and commercial real estate fields. Since its establishment, it has pursued a healthy growth process and has strengthened its reputation in the sector with distinguished projects.

With an innovative approach within an institutionalized organizational structure, Hanedar Construction strives to meet the needs of the on-market market and its customers. With the respect that we have received from people and the environment, we are adding value to the life of our people by producing quality new life and business areas.

Hanedar Sekizevler Kağıthane, Hanedar Houses Esentepe, Hanedar Houses Esentepe, Hanedar Park Houses Kagithane and Hanedar Houses Seyrantepe are some of the projects realized with this understanding.


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Hanedar Construction aims to acquire a structure with high competitive power in real estate development and construction contracting fields. With sustainable rental incomes and strong equity, it is aiming to reach new points in the sector by passing new investments continuously.

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Hanedar Sekizevler Kağıthane

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Hanedar Park Evleri Kağıthane

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Hanedar Konakları Seyrantepe

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Hanedar Konakları Esentepe

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Hanedar Evleri Kağıthane

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Urban Transformation

Urban transformation projects are being designed in order to prevent the distorted urbanization which is one of the big problems of large cities. These projects are divided by public support and therefore the renewal of the city means that social life, commercial life and regional opportunities increase.

Urban transformation projects are carried out in order to identify risky structures. After the detection of risky structures, there is a renewal of the buildings which bear excessive risk against natural disasters such as earthquakes. For most of the regions affected by urban transformation, this qualification needs to be sought. In the same way, it is aimed to determine problematic regions and areas in the city and transform them into more habitable areas. In this case, it is desired to prevent the certain regions of the city from falling behind the other regions

Hanedar Inşaat has carried out urban transformation projects in many different regions of Şişli and Kagithane districts in Istanbul. In these projects, the risky structures with no stability are destroyed and new buildings with modern and durable structures suitable for the new texture of the city are built. In this respect, these zones have been made safe and contributed to the economic value of the region.



  • Zincirlidere Caddesi, No:80/16
  • Hanedar Konakları B Blok,
  • Esentepe, Şişli, İstanbul